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Taiz @taiz@masto.quad.moe

tfw chromebooks almost have a bigger market share than linux does masto.quad.moe/media/CgmTsanTe

don’t call yourself a man unless you take half your face off whenever you shave

i wish someone would give me a straight razor because is a sin

>he has a taskbar pinned to his screen taking up space uselessly
>he unironically thinks his cluttered desktop is efficient

i wonder how many decades it'll take before the windows 10 brainlet developers figure out how to add 256 colors to a terminal

it's funny watching all the windows developers getting excited that cmd is getting clickable links in the terminal while linux has had this feature for literally years

communists love lua because it doesn’t have any formal class system in it

>game is "linux compatible" on steam
>doesn't work on launch
>have to launch from command line and manually install dependencies from error logs for half an hour to get it running

tenshi eating a corndog is my kink

am i the only one not watching AGDQ at all

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uganda knuckles is problematic Show more

i'll try mstdn even though it's electron