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Taiz @taiz@masto.quad.moe

guys i designed a plerbroma logo hope you like it

rip it's been like 5 mintues, sleep well server

curse duolingo and their lies

first the icon and now this


literally what. i can understand adding blockchain to software, but to your vocabulary as well? you gotta draw the line somewhere

dude all you have to do is say it “doesn’t scale well” about all the other languages until yours comes out on top

just give me the prom king crown already

finally an update worth installing

me: “man this comedian sucks. i wish he actually put effort into his material, i mean, knock knock jokes? come on.”
comedian: “uhhhhhh something something mike cole”

i got a date for prom, but my only regret is i won’t be able to use this ever again

mike cole: *exists*
literally the entire fediverse: