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Taiz @taiz

>mastodon is mad because their search sucks
>complain to gargron
>grengrin adds it in 2.3
>mastodon is angry because muh privacy even though everything is publicly accessible ALREADY
>green giant is now thoroughly confused

@taiz one day i'll bother setting up text search on this instance

@quad doesn’t sqlite already support searching to a degree

@taiz mastodon uses postgres

also fuck if i know, i know jack about databases

@quad apparently the current algorithm he’s using is elastic search but it’s heavy on resources and made in java (lmao)

@taiz @quad it's less heavy on resources actually, but consume more ram :v

@Technowix @quad i’m sure your cpu loves you too

@taiz i know, i've used it for an ELK stack before. shit drained ram like your mom eating dicks

@taiz @quad
>heavy on resources
>made in java
boi the fact you have 500 characters doesn't mean you are forced to fill them all by saying things twice to fill the 500 characters you have almost if you had to use them all up.

@_HellPie @taiz his toot is also heavy on resources

@quad @taiz heck look at you using pointers to save up on resources and data duplication. impressive quad, good job you've been listening in class. you get ONE headpat (not two because you can just symlink several times to it to get more, I shouldn't duplicate headpats, it wastes resources) :blobpats:

@quad @_HellPie tfw no quote toots ever because gargrinch is convinced it’ll be used for harassing

@quad @taiz well, it seems to support LIKE expressions. which are trash at searching, anyway

@taiz Hope that green giant is not angry...
I've heard he can be very mean in that case 😉

@taiz from what I see the complaint is that elasticsearch also does some analytics... and that it's heavy on servers