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Taiz @taiz

just visualized a baby hanging and started laughing

i'm going to hell

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@taiz babies have been hung by their umbilical cord and died before :v

@ivesen wtf why didn't they tell me that sooner

@taiz babies getting their umbilical cord around their neck is common enough that nurses need to have some amount of training for the situation
@taiz tie a steel wire around your neck and hang off of a power pole, you'll either be electrocuted or hung but I'm not sure which would kill you first

@ivesen don't my feet need to touch the ground for that to work

@taiz not at all! you just need to find high enough voltage and a long enough wire!
@taiz alternatively you can short circuit the wire while it's around your neck to make it burn through your skin, that'd surely kill you faster!
@Howl @taiz knowing how to kys is important you know!

@taiz i laugh at gore, get in line kid