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don’t call yourself a programmer unless you dress up as a girl while coding

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history of the fediverse:
- gargron created EVERYTHING
- white colonialism happened in the fediverse
- lain weeb-washed everything and made up gnu social
- mastodon 1.0 is released
- lain copy and pasted mastodon’s source code and called it pleroma
- the rightful owners of the fediverse (feminists and furries) come to reclaim their stolen land

guys i designed a plerbroma logo hope you like it

rip it's been like 5 mintues, sleep well server

i think weeaboo.space is kill

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@taiz too bad we can't vote the merchant off the island

follow me @taiz , moving my shitposting there for the most part

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curse duolingo and their lies

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how’s the test run going @quad

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first the icon and now this


literally what. i can understand adding blockchain to software, but to your vocabulary as well? you gotta draw the line somewhere

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dude all you have to do is say it “doesn’t scale well” about all the other languages until yours comes out on top

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me: "hey pl ease talk to me im really upset"
*5 minutes later response*
person: "are u okay?"
me on mood swing 26 of the day: "im pickle rick!!! oh shit im fuckin epic!!!!!"

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back when if you didn’t have a memory card you could still play but you’d just lose everything

oh man i remember when memory cards were still a thing people used regularly

king of the hill is anime

change my mind