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Everyone should check out Fork Awesome. Like the name implies it's a fork of Font Awesome: forkawesome.github.io/Fork-Awe

Recently Font Awesome has been going in a more corporate direction and seem to be adding less icons people actually want and more random ones people didn't really ask for.

Fork Awesome is based off pre-5.0 Font Awesome and adds icons like Diaspora, Mastodon, GNU Social, XMPP and even an icon for ActivityPub itself

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If you don't know the details about why FA 5.0 is a bit controversial:

Font Awesome now has a "Free" and a "Pro" version.

Font Awesome's recommended usage is now SVG via JS. Meaning you load their JS and it jams SVGs into your page. Fork Awesome retains the old CSS-only approach.

Font Awesome seems to really care little about requests (e.g the Request for a Diaspora icon was opened in 2012, but there's still nothing: github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Aw) although that's not 5.0 specific

Also quad.moe/ has now moved from Font Awesome to Fork Awesome

@quad really? I mean, REALLY? why u loading screen ;_;

@quad also why do you reload the tabs each time ;_; you already have code to switch between the tabs ;_; just code each tab as a div and hide/show them it's common practice don't reinvent iframes there is a reason if nobody wants to use iframes ;_;

@quad this is the bottleneck in the loading, really? I'm so disappointed in you Quad. I wish you put the QuadFile license in there so that I would avoid opening it :P

@_HellPie no it's the background image. It's applied to , and onload() waits for that. I know what the bottleneck is. I just haven't had the time or slight effort to bother pushing a change.

@_HellPie If you read the comments on the JS file you'd see.
Ajax is pointless. I just put it there to learn how to do it

@_HellPie says the one who wrote the whole god damn thing in javascript

@quad false. only what retrieves the data. i could have written it in python but in my tests flask used more ram and was considerably slower than nodejs. the website itself does not have a single line of javascript in it.

@_HellPie Codebase is still 70% JavaScript according to GitHub.

Also good lord do I still hate node.js. Probably some uses for it, but I feel like everyone uses it because they're too lazy to handle threading themselves even though it's pretty easy

@quad of course it is 70% javascript, it's nodejs, but try to do that in python, and 70% of the codebase will be python. The issue there is that python's asyncio is a joke, a really bad one. I could code it in Go, since I really how the language looks and it's fast, damn it's fast, and then the codebase would be 70% Go, but I don't know Go. I know NodeJS and Promises decently well and I know Android's asynchronous designs better than I know myself, but I'm not coding it Java, for Android Things.

@_HellPie bro, they just just shitty websties, calm down

@dewb He can't see my toots. I'm suspended from .social and nobody there seems to be able to tell me why.

He passed up this quality content on his own

@quad oh bummer -_- that sucks. I think he cant see my toots either. So we're in the same boat ;)


Good news. I was about to give up on Font Awesome...

The awesomeness was kind of gone... Glad it's back!