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Quad @quad

systemd is now illegal on this instance

anyone who logs in with a systemd distro will be BANNED

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@quad one instance less too consider migrating too : ^)

@fence @quad
One instance more to consider migrating to : ^)

@quad Systemd is great! 😍 No, really. I like it.

*expects ban*

@ivesen yes :(

I've wanted to move it to Devuan or Void, buy meh. Low priority as long as systemd doesn't break this server

@quad inb4: serial connection catches fire because of systemd spamming messages

@SqueakyPancakes @ivesen I frankly don't care that much as long as it's not as broken as systemd

@quad @ivesen openrc is pretty solid even network manager doesn't break on my from suspending my laptop.

@SqueakyPancakes @ivesen Well yeah, but neither does runit. I don't really have a reason to not use runit, or sysvinit in the case of devuan (actually i only run devuan on servers so no idea how suspend works there)

@quad Do you federate with instances running on systemd?

@quad What if the admin loves systemd?

@quad W-what would happen if you login with windows? :thinking_cirno:

@quad Is this one of the new windows 10 features i have heard so much about? 🤔

@quad lucky me I only use windows now