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>replaces toilet paper once

i am the backbone of this household

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finally some advice from windows that actually makes sense

Someone good at RegEx?

I've been trying to figure out how to match 2 and 4 or more characters.

Basically 2 or more, but not 3.

So if you have


I wanna match aa,aaaa,aaaaa

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Thank god for HiBy Link so I rarely need to touch the wheel

Not even half a year old btw and I already sort of fucked the scroll wheel on it lmao.

Got soaked by rain while in my pocket one day and when it dried off after a while the wheel was skipping. gg quad

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why should I upgrade my RAM can't people stop building electron apps instead

Or he just tells them to contact the moderators, but there's no list of who the moderators are so the users have no idea who to contact. and if you ask him for some mods he just never replies

then people blame me for how "bad" mastodon is simply because mastodon.social is a horrible instance

Also the fact that mastodon.social has blocked me doesn't help. I've had almost 10 people on twitter say they can't follow me from mastodon.social, ask them to tell admin. at least 3 or 4 did, but he just ignores them

good instance

I can actually read jap tweets fine (Although extremely slowly) if they're hiragana/katakana. But throw in a single kanji and suddenly i have no idea wtf I'm reading

maybe i should just get better at ひらがな/カタカナ so I can read the moonrunes after all


Believe it or not. I actually check Mastodon like 5x as often as I check Twitter these days. But I still find 10x as much interesting content on my timelines.

The few active non-shitposters just spam links to news articles or speak japanese

Every passing day there's less content I wanna reply to. Less things I wanna boost, I see less interesting people on the federated TL and the whole thing just slows down.

All that remains now is the GS shitposters

More and more people seem to be forgetting mastodon is a thing, so my timeline slowly keeps getting more and more sparse and filled only with low-quality shitposts


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My Hori RAP N Hayabusa is ready for pickup. Fuck ye baby masto.quad.moe/media/OoABMHvKz